How to Break Free from the Rat Race and Live Life as a Bona Fide Adventurer

Brandt Amelia
3 min readApr 29
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Are you tired of answering to “The Man” every single day while watching your dreams gradually fade away? Is your once-thriving passion now reduced to an ember of disappointment and exhaustion from the daily grind? My fellow dreamer, it’s time to put a stop to this madness and join the elite league of nomads who roam the earth freely, living life on their own terms. Today, I present to you the ultimate manifesto on Why You Should Quit Your Job and Travel the World! 💼🌎🏞️

#1: Screw Money Management; Eat All the Delicacies Anyway 🍴

Let’s face it, you never really learned how to manage money efficiently. Budgets belong in the same category as gym memberships and dieting books — nice ideas, terrible execution. You might aswell eat all those scrumptious delicacies from every country, one plate at a time. It’s not like credit card debts won’t catch up to you eventually anyway, right?

#2: Play “Where’s Waldo?” with Your Closest Friends 👫‍✈️

Gone were the days when finding time for your pals meant scheduling an hour lunch during lunch breaks. Now, imagine playing “Where’s Waldo?” in real life across continents with your dearest buddies! With everyone leading their own unique lives, this game will keep getting harder until retirement age, making it perfect for testing lifelong friendship. 🤪

#3: Test Nature’s Wrath without Bear Grylls’ Training 🌍

Remember when Bear Grylls had years of military training before he became a survivalist superstar? Yeah… scratch that part. Without a steady income, nature becomes your biggest hurdle and your wildest foe. Good luck figuring out how to pitch a tent without YouTube tutorials, and may the odds be never in your favor. #NaturevsYou

#4: Turn “Bucket List” Dreaming into Reality 🧙‍♂️🐳

Daydreaming about shark diving, visiting every Disneyland theme park, or even learning the art of lawn flamingo jockey? Scrap it all, just do it! Waiting for a magical moment called “retirement” could mean waiting until the Grim Reaper comes knocking, or worse, forgetting half o-inspiring sights you stumbled upon, and your coworkers’ envious faces upon your triumphant return. Trust me, no promotion or raise…

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