Medium Mayhem: Navigating the Hilarious Highways of Online Writing

Brandt Amelia
5 min readJan 2, 2024
Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

If you are reading this, chances are you are a Medium writer, or aspire to be one. You have probably heard of the amazing benefits of writing on this platform, such as:

- Reaching millions of readers who are eager to learn from you
- Earning money from your articles through the Medium Partner Program
- Building your personal brand and authority in your niche
- Getting featured in prestigious publications like The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and The Onion

Sounds great, right? Well, not so fast. Before you dive into the Medium pool, you should know that it is not all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, writing on Medium can be a frustrating, confusing, and hilarious experience. Here are some of the challenges you will face as a Medium writer, and how to overcome them (or at least laugh at them).

## Challenge #1: Finding a topic to write about

The first challenge you will face as a Medium writer is finding a topic to write about. You might think that this is easy, since you can write about anything you want. But that is precisely the problem. There are so many topics to choose from, that you might end up with analysis paralysis. You might spend hours…